Barre Chords - A Primer

Barre Chords  - A Primer

Barre Chord is a technique where one can use any one finger to press all the strings  on any given fret at the same time. Most of the guitarists prefer their first finger or the index finger for playing barre chords. While playing barre chords the index finger acts like a capo and one can play riffs from that particular fret onwards using the remaining four fingers. Barre chords are used and played in a number of popular and melodious compositions. Barre chords requires a lot of strumming practice until you are able to perfectly  barre the chords. But once you are able to achieve that level of expertise, there's no stopping and no looking back and you are the master of Barre Chords.

So, Go on and give yourself a handful of rigorous practice sessions on this technique and master the art of playing barre chords !!

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