Pentatonic Scale - An Introduction

Pentatonic Scale - An Introduction

Pentatonic Scale literally means five tones per octave. On an otherwise scale of 7 tones , the pentatonic scale has its 4th and 7th tone missing. That's what makes it a very very special scale.

Origin of Pentatonic Scale

Pentatonic scale finds its origin way back to the ancient times and as they say that Music has no language , this is one such scale which is used almost in every nick and corner of this planet. That's the beauty of Pentatonic Scale!! The very old musical instruments found in traditional Asian, African and some American parts were surprisingly tuned to Pentatonic scale.

Pentatonic Scale in Today's Modern Music

It's almost everywhere. Starting from the beginners to the maestros; rock to jazz. Finding its priority place with Lead guitarists, the pentatonic scale will never let you down.


The liberty of improvisation that pentatonic scale gives to its players along with the ease of playing makes it altogether the most popular one!!


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