Strum Patterns Unleashed -1 : Bo-Didley Strumming

Strum Patterns Unleashed -1 : Bo-Didley Strumming

The Bo- Diddly Beat in Guitar Strumming  which is very popular among the lovers and admirers of Rock 'n' Roll and pop music  dates back in the era of 1944 to 1955. This credit of inventing this groovy  strumming pattern goes to its founder Bo Diddley whose real name is Elias McDaniel. Lets learn a few small but very important steps to get this beat going !


How to get the Bo-Didley Strum just Right !!

First and foremost, the strumming hand has to be moving all the time and the technique has to be really hard. It is advisable that the rhythm be broken into halves and practised one by one before compiling into one. Next, left hand muting has to be done very meticulously so that the strumming comes alive and lively. Last but not the least, checkout some simple examples with  relatively easy chords.

Happy Bo-Diddling Friends !!

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