Music Mends _ Acoustic healing

Music Mends _ Acoustic healing

Music Mends. Yes this phrase means, matters and does a lot.

Let us see how. Music has always been known for its healing abilities, especially mostly in untowardly conditions of mental health of Human beings. Here in this article I,m going to quickly list 3 super wonderful effects of Music in Mending Souls.

  1.        What’s more interesting and revealing is that practicing music has even better healing effects than just listening to music. Results reveal that those who have practiced music have not only found and regained self-confidence but have a risen self esteem, during their phase of recovery.

  1.         It helps in improved co-ordination; results reveal that practicing acoustic music helps in channelizing the nervous system co-ordination with the body.

  1.         It helps in better communication with people and helps in becoming a people’s person. Discussing music is one of the healthiest discussions around. Finding music is one of the most precious findings around.


Hope you find these recommendations a boon in enjoying your musical journey. Good Luck and Happy strumming.


The contributing photographer in the blog post is Hilary Clark from Atlanta. Her website is

Guys support this amazing lady with immense musical and photography talents.

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