Mastering B Minor Chord - Beginner Tip

Mastering B Minor Chord - Beginner Tip


As a beginner guitar player B minor can really be a challenging chord while playing and singing along on guitar.  However one very useful tip in mastering B Minor is to use it in progressions which are easy, fun, productive and popular. But Don’t Worry an iota, Lets beat the B Minor Blues.

I suggest using the POWER OF SIMPLICITY in mastering B Minor chord shape. In this article I am suggesting some path breaking songs that include B Minor chord along with other open chords. All you beginners out there, the mark of a great song is its simplicity and that is what is illustrated in these songs, so embrace yourself and start practicing (because repetition is the key) B Minor with these hugely popular great songs.

  •        Number  1 on my list is Last Christmas _ WHAM. The chord progression is Dmajor, Bminor, Eminor and A major throughout the song. Isn’t that amazingly simple. But nevertheless it’s the one greatest songs of last century.

  •        Number 2 on the list is Diamonds- Rihanna. What a beautiful example of power of simplicity. The chord progression is Gmajor , B Minor, A major X 2. Yes you got same chord progression throughout the song. Cool, isn’t it.

  •        Number 3 song for you is Summer of 69-Bryan Adams. This amazing song uses chord progression of Bminor, Amajor, Dmajor and Gmajor in the chorus and whats ever more amazing is that it uses Dmajor and Amajor in the verses( though the voicing is a little different).For bridge or outro check out FULL CHORDS


And the bonus song recommendation exclusively by for you is Say Something – A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera. It uses pretty much Bminor, G major, Dmajor and Asus4 throughout. For full Chords I WANNA STRUM


So all you beginners out there fear no more, Master the B minor with pleasing practicing great songs of all times.

Good Luck

Happy Strumming.

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